About Us

DGI Group UK is a specialist sourcing company that imports the latest and greatest products and distributes them to various B2B to businesses across the nation.

We supply products to wholesalers. retailers, and etailers seeking unparalleled quality at affordable prices. We’re excited to negotiate a deal that works for you, where our main ambition is to ensure you’re 100% happy with the mutually beneficial terms we’re able to reach.

By offering some of the finest products the market has to offer, our focus on customer satisfaction has propelled our services to new heights. We offer differentiated value by personalising interactions to get a true understanding of your needs. Once we’ve gained advanced insight into your requirements, we can supply the products you need at suitable prices. 

Most of our current clients are across the UK and Europe, meaning we’ve learnt to be vigilant regarding stock availability and logistics. Our products are currently stored in our warehouses in Manchester, where we have over 10,000 pallet spaces with plentiful stock for fast turnaround times.

What Do We Offer?

We import and supply an extensive range of products in the following categories:

  • Garden Furniture
  • Garden Care
  • Garden Equipment/Tools
  • Pet Care
  • Electricals
  • Seasonal – Christmas
  • Homeware
  • Laundry Indoor & Outdoor
  • DIY

We coordinate many exhibitions across the UK where you’ll have a chance to observe our products up close and ask our approachable experts questions. Our products undergo rigorous tests and inspections, adhering to Government standards with unrivalled quality control.

If you can’t visit one of our physical locations, you can pre-screen collections of our products online. This will offer reassurance, peace of mind, and practicality for your buying convenience.

Our Core Values

Here are some of the core values that define our business:

  • We’re committed to delivering reliable, and sustainable product solutions that surpass expectations.
  • With thousands of products across various categories, we can offer superior value to customers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Our customer service is unmatched because we encourage open communication to ensure we meet your unique requirements.
  • We utilize a combination of sourcing experience, logistical expertise, and advanced communication skills that translate to authentic customer value.
  • We adapt our business approach so it aligns with your demands, utilizing creativity to customize business solutions with a personal appeal.
  • We’re constantly innovating to accommodate forever changing market conditions and expectations.

What’s Our Ultimate Goal?

By continuing to prioritize customers needs and supply exceptional products that can change people’s lives, we’re focused on becoming one of the most respected suppliers of imported goods in the world.

The more we focus on the customer, the more our business will expand. But how will this business growth affect you? Well, with continuously developing business operations, we’ll be able to offer more high-quality products at increasingly affordable prices.

We aim to be universally respected for our incredible customer service, a diverse range of quality products, and willingness to customize each interaction to negotiate bespoke deals on your terms.

What We Do

For more information on what our company does, be certain to visit our ‘What We Do’ page.